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    Yiayia’s Care is committed to helping our seniors stay independent in their own homes for as long as possible while exceeding our client’s expectations.

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    We will treat each of our clients with honesty, integrity, reliability, respect and consistency while honoring their privacy, dignity, property and family customs.

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    We accomplish this by employing only first-rate staff members who embrace the values of Yiayia’s Care.

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    Every staff member will show their joy of providing seniors with excellent care by maintaining Yiayia’s Care’s high level of ethics and integrity, and give their very best in everything they do, day after day.

Our Values • Professionalism • Consistency • Honesty & Integrity • Compassion • Ongoing Training



Yiayia’s Care is a privately held company that provides services geared toward assisting elderly individuals and those that are disabled to live a safer, more fulfilling life. Each of our available services are offered to provide support to people with age related issues and chronic disabilities. These services are:

  • Home Care Service
  • Hourly Care (8 hour or 12 hour or 24 hour)
  • Overnight Care
  • Live in Care
  • Non Medical Transportation

  • Home Care Services

    Yiayia’s Care specializes in providing medical / non-medical, in-home companion and personal care for the elderly. We offer many in-home services including companionship, light housekeeping, laundry, meal planning and preparation, incidental transportation, errand running, and personal bathing and grooming assistance.

    Yiayia’s Care provides personalized home care services to people of all ages, physical conditions and cognitive levels. We specialize in quality in-home senior care, including professional nursing, personal care, Alzheimer’s care, dementia care, and many home care services in the home, the hospital, long-term assisted living facilities and other places of residence.

    Hourly Care (8-hour, 12-hour or “Around-the-Clock” 24-Hour Care)

    Yiayia’s Care offers full time care each day, from 8 hours a day to “Around- the-Clock” 24 hour care. This type of care typically is scheduled in 8 to 12 hour shifts and often requires 5 to 10 different Personal Assistants.

    This type of care is billed at an hourly rate because Caregivers are awake and alert the full 24 hours. These services are most often for clients who require more assistance such as someone dealing with severe dementia or Alzheimer’s, is bed ridden, has Hospice, or gets up frequently during the night and requires assistance to do so.

    Live-In Care

    A “Live-In” is a Caregiver who “Lives” with a client and is available on a 24-hour basis. A Live-In provides the appropriate level of personal care and support services for clients who need the security of another person in their homes throughout the day, but do not require constant shifts of care. “Live-Ins” provides safety and companionship under reasonable work conditions.

    If a client needs a “Live-In” seven days a week, usually two to three Caregivers will serve 2-5 consecutive days each week. As much as possible, Yiayia’s Care strives to keep the same Caregivers on regular and consistent schedules. However, there may be times and circumstances out of our control that require us to place different Assistant(s) in and as a result, Yiayia’s Care is not able to guarantee 100% coverage of care 100% of the time.

    Overnight Care

    Overnight care provides the opportunity for the primary caregiver to take a break and get a good nights rest. A Caregiver will be at your home for 8 to 12 hours throughout the night to ensure that bathroom visits, sleep walking, wandering or other activity that should be supervised to ensure health & safety.

    Peace of mind is what the primary caregiver gets, knowing the care is covered while they get a solid, and often badly needed, good nights sleep. Typically the Caregiver will read a book, watch television quietly, or some kind of quiet hobby (i/e: quilt, laptop computer, etc), readily available as soon as any activity is seen or heard. This service is basically “Senior Sitting” where the activities are often minimal and/or limited to how often the individual wakes each night and what the needs are when awake.

    About us

    Yiayia's Care

    Yiayias Caregiver Services is a non-medical home care agency specializing in caregiving services to the elderly and other adults who are disabled. It is our mission to provide quality, reliable compassionate and affordable care to our clients. We understand that the vulnerability of the frail, elderly, or disabled individual requires the presence of a caregiver who is not only experienced and trained but also trustworthy, honest and sensitive to the needs of the patient. Our caregivers are trained to work in conjunction with other professional service providers and to become first line reporters of changes in the client’s condition.

    We carefully matched our team members to ensure they are an appropriate fit for the client whose care they are responsible for.

    Our Caregivers are people with sensitivity, tact, good judgment, flexibility, patience, dedication, stamina and communication skills — all qualities needed to provide a professional care!

    All of our caregivers are bonded, insured and triple checked—criminal, health and background.

    Yiayia's Caregivers will assist you in your daily living activities. They will focus on getting to know you - what you like, what things you are good at, and how you would like things done in your home. They will plan and execute household chores and fun activities to do together. If there is anything you feel you cannot do alone, your companion aide will help you.

    If you are not feeling well, Yiayia's Caregiver can take you to the doctor. They can also help you keep in touch with your family and friends and keep a record of changes in condition, progress and track of medications.

    Non medical transportation

    We offer:
    Ambulatory Services
    Our ambulatory services are for those who are able to walk or with little assistance. We will come and pick you up in our clean, smoke and odor free minivans. Our drivers will be more than happy to help you getting into vehicle, opening door, and putting on your seat belt. We provide door to door service for our clients. We will help you with paper work in the doctor office if necessary.

    For wheelchair patients, we have minivans with enough room for the patient comfort,air conditioner and tv for long trips. Family members or escort may ride along with no charge. All our vehicles are cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure our clients comfort and safety. We will get you or your family member from your door step to the door at the doctor's office or facility on time and in a safely manner. At Yiayia's care, we emphasize on service so we will not leave anyone unattended or alone in the lobby of facilities. When you finish, we will come back and pick you up with minimal or 30 minutes waiting time.You can schedule your appointment with advance.

    Why Choose Yiayia's Care?

    • Competitive rate with excellent service
    • On time and professional
    • Helpful, courteous, and compassionate assistance
    • Flexible with patients' needs and payment
    • Free pharmacy pick up with transportation services
    • Insured and lisence
    • 24 hour service with advanced booking
    • 7 days a week including holidays
    • Everything with Integrity and Care